10 Ways to Better Health

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10 Ways to Better Health


The Body is the physical sheath for the human Soul. In Yoga the body is called the Anna Maya Kosha. “Anna” means “food” in Sanskrit. “Maya” means “magic” and “kosha” means “sheath for the divine self”. For success in health a ratio is to be monitored throughout one’s life between what usable matter is taken into the body and what waste the body expels. Better Health reveals itself in the ability to maintain command of the whole self, to experience constant mental and physical POWER. Whatever the birthed physical form is, determines what stewardship is necessary to command it. Understand the mind & physical body is greatly altered by food choices, both the quantity and quality. The effect to mind to spirit is exponential! After a solid or liquid enters the body the quality taken in determines how well it can be assimilated, utilized for life and even eliminated. The higher mind is aware of the quality or lack of quality of whatever we ingest. If the lower mind, the portion of the mind immersed in the environment is dampened with sadness, scattered with anger or contracted from neglect there may be little consciousness of one’s own higher mind. This often remains the case until a breakthrough can be made to overcome such ongoing conditions. However, with new awareness the journey to return to one’s true bliss, deep and authentic wisdom can begin. Therefore it is never to late, and every small bit of progress is significant.

To eat depleted, or low vibration foodstuffs would be equivalent to working an entire month without pay. A lifetime of that, and well, you get what good you put in, and you lose power from what you fail to nourish. But the physical body is alive and it is incredible what good nourishment and a little time can do.

If you are sick in any way to any degree, in this moment open the mind to what is potentially available, pray for it, seek it and give all effort each day to find and eat a selection of local fresh produce, exotic produce, healing herbs, super-foods and quality supplements. Here are some essential guidelines for your life.


R Buy & consume 70% fresh local, in season, raw, water-rich whole foods, that have never been canned, altered or packaged. Picking your own berries, apples, pears at orchards and farms is a wonderful way to enjoy both the outdoors and loved ones. Grow a garden, hire or barter an exchange with someone who has the knowledge and time to tend a garden.


R Add “Super foods” to water, or smoothies and salads. Depleted bodies need super foods to catch up. We tend to be over fed and under nourished. Know that quality over quantity determines satiety. Our bodies need more plant based minerals & vitamins rather than calories.


R Depleted bodies need enzymes and antioxidants or immunity protection drops. Enzymes are made in the body with amino acids and specific minerals. Refined sugar, starches leach minerals from the body. Toxic substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs deplete anti-oxidants stores and leave the body vulnerable to premature aging, and disease, including cancers. Eat, blend & juice whole raw fruits & vegetables, to gain raw materials needed for the whole being to thrive. Use enzyme supplements if directed by a health professional to support better digestion and extracellular clean up.


R   Read books on Fasting and Detoxifying

Water fast 1 day a week or part of a day weekly this gives our digestive system a needed rest to vital organs. Demand for energy to digest a meal requires greater input from more organs/glands than any other physiological process over the same amount of time. Detoxify 1-2x a year with a fast that your constitution can deal with. The temporary detoxification symptoms are worth the heightened energy that comes after.


R Organic is great, not always necessary or cost effective (at least not at this time), learn what is heavily sprayed or chemical laden and avoid; be sure to buy these food items organic. Research and talk to food producers and local farmers, ask what their methods are. If they are not open and forthright, beware. Become educated in what is in packaged foods; protect you, family and pets before picking it up or continuing to consume.


R General groceries and organic food can be delivered to homes in a growing number of areas worldwide. This is a great service for those who are busy or for those who are not able to get out. For quality and easier accessibility to fresh whole foods free of chemical sprays, investigate who in your local area can deliver to your door.


R Learn & Know what is irradiated, genetically modified, or packed with hormones, anti-biotics, avoid “Franken foods”


R The body is not static, even in stillness it is in motion, there no hiatus or suspension; the body is constantly degenerating and regenerating. Tip the scales to regenerate the body as well as mind and emotions. Recipe for success includes living food, fasting, resting, activity, learning, meditation and sharing.


R Exercise daily, any activity of choice to break a sweat; this supports organs of elimination such as skin, intestines, kidneys and lungs. Activity that positively stresses the heart strengthens the heart. Twisting movements and rotation of the torso massages the abdominal contents, helping to move waste out in a timely fashion. Muscular resistance exercise using gravity or weight, increases metabolic capacity & that means more energy!


R ”It’s Better to eat a hot dog with a friend than a salad with an enemy”, the saying goes…perhaps skip the processed cartilage and scrap animal flesh but do try to eat when you are in a positive state of mind and in positive company. A nervous system in a state of flight or fight has signals on red alert for muscle power not digestion in the torso. A calm nervous system has signals on for resting and digesting. Do what you need to in order to enjoy your meals and snacks.

Other tips for Better Health

Rest from eating, rest from lethargy or over activity, refraining from dead, fried, overcooked foods & go after living, nutrient rich, colorful food. Drinking water between meals, as well taking in herbal infusions are delicious healthful habits.

Make sure the bowels eliminate in the morning shortly after waking. Side bends; torso twisting, single and double leg lifts are helpful. Make sure the bowels evacuate through the day. To check intestine transit time from mouth to toilet, try eating beets. Beets stain the stool. Write down time of ingestion and time flushed. Any time longer than 24 hours is too slow a transit time and indicates potential for absorption of toxins, virus, parasites and bacterial overgrowth. Consume more cleaned plant based fibrous vegetables and fruit. If needed try 1 tsp psyllium husks mixed with 1 tsp cold pressed olive oil, in 8 oz. water each morning or two hours after supper. The latter will help reduce night cravings, if it is an issue.

Read and learn the ethical rules of Yama & Niyama, practice cleanliness each day, exercise, rest, do some breath-work, study positive wisdom, sit quietly, practice contemplation, meditate, always accept reality while letting no person determine your happiness. All this will assist with clearing illusions, perversity and judgment, which is our inheritance. Be sure to give thanks for the great birth inheritances, as well as the many graces other people provide in this world by what they do every day.

The secret is to become wise to ourselves…being compassionate as well and supportive will give the space for the fire of vitality to burn brightly to live with constant passion!


Recommended Reading:


Fit for Life” Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. A Great book for knowing what to expect before you go ahead and make diet changes. As well, this book is a how to guide to managing common symptoms of cleansing and easy steps to marking improvements. 1985 ISBN 0-446-51322-9


Healing Foods” Dale Pinnock

Straight up explanation on the power of nutrients, introduction to body function facts, and best of all easy power food recipes. Dale Pinnock is a Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist


Superfoods” by David Wolfe.

This book steps up experiential knowledge with science studies, and delivers a top 10 list with numerous recipes. My favorite: Spirulina Chocolate Balls pg. 120. I roll them in organic desiccated coconut! Delicious.


Prescription for Herbal Healing” Phyllis A. Bach CNC

Contains a large repertoire of herbs and their benefits in supporting optimal health and reducing medical conditions, or negative symptoms. Phyllis A. Bach has devoted 25 years researching and helping people find natural methods to attain quality living.

If you like this Try “Prescription for Nutritional Healing.” and other books by the same author.


May all beings be happy and free, namaste. Akasha.