Blue & Purple Vegetarian Food by Hotforyoga

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Blue & Purple Vegetarian Food by Hotforyoga


Blue and Purple Food

Those lovely anti-oxidant pigments found in blue and purple foods are this color owing to a response to sun radiation. Earth grown blue and purple fruits, vegetables and flowers/herbs have a wonderful neutral pH of 7. Not only are they physically striking in appearance, purple/blue foods are alkaline; When eaten by humans and animals it helps decrease acidic blood states created from harmful stress and metabolic oxidation.


By eating more blue and purple food the vital organs of the human body thrive; the body and mind gain the benefit of more energy. From delicate summer blossoms to long winter storing root vegetables, these delicious healthful foods can be presented in dishes on the table year round. We all respond to color, and natural pigments are safe and useful in our body, unlike inert artificial colorants. With easy recipes that taste so good, your family can enjoy blue and purple fruits and vegetables, and herbs any day of the week. Inspire friends to incorporate new colors and flavor too!


Blue and Purple Food

blueberries, red cabbage, grapes, blue potatoes, blackberries, egg plant,

purple cauliflower, Mission & Celeste figs, plums, huckleberries, pansies,

purple sage, lavender, chive flowers, purple yam…


Blueberry Mousse Recipe

1 pint fresh blueberries

2 ripe bananas

1 heaping T melted coconut oil

2 T hemp hearts (seeds)


Blend all ingredients in a blender on high for 3 minutes. The mixture should be warm. Freeze in a sealable container for 4 hours; serve immediately. Store in Fridge. To reducing the setting time, scoop out warm mixture into 2 oz. shot glasses, place on a freezer safe tray and freeze for about 2-3 hours depending on the preferred solidity. Serve with a dollop of no dairy coconut whip cream and a few blueberries and small sprig of mint herb in each miniature glass. A delicious treat! Blueberry Mousse is loaded with Vitamin C, soluble dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, and essentials fatty acids.



If you can’t wait for the mousse to set, refrigerate for 1 hour and serve as a fluffy chilled blueberry pudding!


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