Fancy Buckwheat For Breakfast

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Fancy Buckwheat For Breakfast



I used to skip the buckwheat; that was until this recipe sprouted up! Yes, it is gluten-free, and the buckwheat is raw and sprouted! Very fast process, that elevates the protein and  phosphorus content. Who Knew? Every cell wall in the body is made up in part of phosphorus!
Lots of minerals and vitamins are waiting in every bite as is a unique molasses flavor, coffee-esque scent
and look. Enjoy!

Fancy Buckwheat

Attributes:  raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free, simple and high nutrition
Equipment:  Sprouting dish


¾ C vegan milk
¼ C + 1 T fancy molasses.
1 C sprouted raw buckwheat seeds
¼ C slivered raw almonds
1 T chia seeds
1 T flax seeds

Directions:  Once buckwheat has sprouted mix all ingredients together.  


Optional:  Blackstrap molasses can be substituted for Fancy molasses; it has a stronger flavour and contains higher amounts of calcium, iron, B6 & magnesium.

Tips:  Buckwheat seeds are naturally gluten free and super easy and quick to sprout. Soak seeds 20-30 minutes, rinse. Set in sprout dish mostly covered for 2 days, rinsing at least 2 times each day. after 24-36 hours buckwheat is awake and ready to use in any recipe.

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