Green Island Juice

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Green Island Juice


Green Island juice is loaded with electrolytes, amino acids (protein), vitamins and minerals! Enjoy the anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic effects as well as blood sugar balancing, and satiation. Spirulina is a great source of vegan protein approximately 60-70%. As well it contains GLA, linoleic acid, iron, chlorophyll and B12 (needed for healthy red blood cells). Wheatgrass is an excellent source of vitamins A, Bs, C, E and K, minerals zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and selenium. Green Island is a fabulous drink after an intense workout, after physical exertion or as thirst quencher on hot days. Children dehydrate much more quickly than adults; this beverage could save them from a trip to a hospital due to its abundance of electrolytes. Refrigerate Green Island juice in an airtight glass jar for 48 hours to maintain nutritional potency and taste. Only a blender is needed for this recipe. Cheers!


Green Island

Attributes:  raw, vegan, dairy free, electrolyte balancing and refreshing
Equipment:  blender


Fresh wheatgrass, thumb/index finger circle amount
Juice of 3 young Thai coconuts
1/4 – 1/2 tsp spirulina powder

Directions:  Blend all ingredients. Turn off blender. Juice will appear to be all froth, let juice sit for a few minutes and the juice will separate from the grass fibers. Scoop the leftover foam off the top to remove these fibers. This bright green translucent drink is ready to serve

Optional:  Remove grass fibers then add coconut meat, blend again and serve. This creates a thicker juice and adds fibre.

Tips:  Loaded with electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic. Spirulina is a good source of GLA, linoleic, iron, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 (needed by all, not just vegetarians to make healthy red blood cells), and 60-70% essential amino acids. This drink helps satiate the appetite and balance blood sugar levels.

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